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  • Press release: gds is expanding the editorial management system docuglobe


Simplified content creation, speedier delivery:
gds is expanding the editorial management system docuglobe

  • New “Module in Module” feature
  • Advanced link between docuglobe and easybrowse
  • Presentation at tekom Spring Conference

Sassenberg, April 20, 2021 – Working more efficiently, improving transparency, and avoiding doublettes. The most recent update to the editorial management system, docuglobe, of gds GmbH, a leading Competence Center for Technical Communication and Information Management, is intended to further support technical writers in the compilation of technical documentation. For this purpose, the current version of docuglobe includes the new “Module in Module” feature and an advanced link between docuglobe and easybrowse, the Content Delivery Portal of gds, to further improve the ability of making content available. The update will be presented to an audience of trade experts, in an online format, on the occasion of the tekom Spring Conference, from May 5 to 7, 2021. 

“Our customers are increasingly interested in solutions that enable the drafting of documents on a more granular level,” says Christian Paul, Head of the Software & Solutions Department at gds Group. The new “Module in Module” feature offers technical writers this option. “This update to docuglobe truly reflects the spirit of the times.”

The new version of the editorial management system enables technical writers to work even more efficiently. Using smaller modules of content allows the reuse of specific passages on a more granular level. To this end, reference to information modules can be made in other modules. This means that the relevant passage is not added as a fixed piece of content but as a reference to the corresponding module. So far, this has been mainly possible only with graphic images and pictures available in docuglobe.

New feature enables nesting

Thanks to content referencing, the nesting of several modules is possible now. Technical writers can view the entire content of a module at any time using the module preview. In addition, a usage overview is available where you can see at any time, in which documents, how often, and at which location given content has been used. This means that each text passage is saved only once in the system so that no doublettes (duplicate entries) exist, even when used several times, which further improves the overview. Plus, there is an additional advantage: Whenever a change has to be made to a module that is used in different modules and thus documents, it only has to be made at one location. Owing to referencing, the change is then implemented in all documents. This translates into significant time savings.

With the new version of docuglobe, gds seeks to place further focus on the topic of Content Delivery. Starting now, users can benefit from an advanced direct link between docuglobe and the Content Delivery Portal easybrowse. Regardless of whether individual documents or projects are involved where several discrete documents are being transferred in a structure: Data with all of the associated information, can, without the need to change media platforms, be transferred to easybrowse and made available automatically. Other file formats in addition to PDF and HTML can be displayed. And, last but not least, video files can also be transferred. With docuglobe, users are thus well prepared for a future where multimedia elements are increasingly incorporated in technical documentation.

A first glimpse of the new version of docuglobe will be given during the upcoming tekom Spring Conference. gds will present the update to an audience of trade experts for the first time at this year’s online event. “We are looking forward to the opportunity of talking with our customers about the new docuglobe version and to present the added features,” says Christian Paul. 

docuglobe – erweiterte Anbindung an easybrowse

docuglobe – extended connection to easybrowse

Christian Paul – Leiter Software und Lösungen der gds-Gruppe

Christian Paul – Head of Software and Solutions of the gds Group

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