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complyhub – the smart and efficient web-based product compliance portal

The inclusion of product compliance into the product development process should be regarded as an essential and integral part of avoiding any potential legal issues, liability risks or adverse effects on the brand image. It is important to understand that compliance with legal regulations for products is as vital as complying with any other function-relevant or statutory product safety specifications.

Include product compliance early in your processes!

The initial situation

Product compliance relates to any and all legal requirements, of formal or material nature, a product has to satisfy when it is first put on the market and for subsequent provisioning at other sales levels. Product compliance deals with products meeting laws on environmental protection, international law and regulations relating to the use of specific substances or materials in products. In addition to regulations and directives of the European Union (EMC, RoHS, the Eco-Design Directive, etc.), there are numerous country-specific regulations and specifications imposed by national and international standards committees.

»Ensuring product compliance is both a legal requirement and key to gaining trust, assuring safety and sustained success – and an essential contribution to assuring the long-term success of a company.«

Ludger Heisterkamp, Head of Software and Solutions at gds GmbH
Ludger Heisterkamp | Head of Software and Solution

Your obligations as a market actor

As a manufacturer of machinery or other products, you are required to comply with the relevant legal specifications regardless of whether you are acting as a manufacturer, trader or importer. The supplied components, products, parts or items are subject to satisfying specific statutory substance-relevant requirements within the European Union that are based on the current versions of the RoHS directive and REACH regulations. For these reasons, it is of vital importance for all market actors in terms of legal and economic relevance and interest to ensure that all materials used comply with the prescribed requirements.

The challenge

It is imperative that all market actors comply with these and any other relevant regulations. Apart from supervisory authorities increasingly enforcing compliance, customers also demand product compliance since they, too, are required to meet the statutory provisions. It is indispensable to systematically compile the prescribed legal documentation due to the vast number of vendor parts.

In order to satisfy all provisions for product compliance, it is necessary and vital to know all of the legal regulations, to meet these, and to provide reassurance that they have been fulfilled with documentation and revisions conforming to the directives.

The major challenge here is to keep track of everything while staying on top of new legislation and regulations. Even with a limited product portfolio, it can be time-consuming and difficult for a company to ensure that all the required tasks are fulfilled.

Your requirements

  • You want to ensure that you meet the upcoming legislation for due diligence in the supply chain.
  • In addition to efficient compliance risk management, you also need audit-proof documentation of your process steps.
  • You need assistance with the implementation of measures to mitigate risks relating to human rights and environmental aspects.

The solution

Our web-based, scalable platform, complyhub, is specifically designed to assist you with sound workflows in structuring and documenting your obligations for due diligence. The digital query assistance for product compliance requirements enables you to efficiently organize and document, mostly in an automated manner, that you meet the relevant requirements. The platform significantly simplifies communication with vendors, customers and supervisory market authorities as well as the appropriate documentation. Thanks to the automated exchange of data relating to your products, materials and vendors, you are in a position to ensure compliance with provisions imposed by RoHS, REACH or the Act on Corporate Due Diligence Obligations in Supply Chains and document such. complyhub will effectively help you fulfil external expectations and legislation while mitigating risks.

In light of increasing requirements, with complyhub you can rely on a system that is designed to meet these requirements. complyhub is continually being advanced and allows for flexibly creating different supplier queries.

Our service portfolio

  • 1. Initial consultancy
  • 2. Status analysis
  • 3. Communication
  • 4. Process management
  • 5. Software integration
  • 6. Risk assessment

You have questions about complyhub?

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