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The "Digital Only Concept"

How it is possible to be compliant and secure with a paperless operating manual.


  • Save costs by publishing your operating manual in digital form only

  • Increased flexibility regarding the operating manual’s completion date (time span between packaging and commissioning)

  • Compliance with all legally relevant requirements


Assessment and interpretation of relevant directives and standards, such as

  • Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC)

  • DIN EN 82079-1 Preparation of instructions for use

  • DIN EN 60204-1 Safety for Machinery

  • DIN EN ISO 20607 CE compliant operating manuals for machinery

  • Machinery Ordinance (EU 2023/1230, valid from January 20, 2027)

»Join gds on the way to digital documentation.«

Jan Grüter| Product Manager Content Delivery
Jan Grüter| Product Manager Content Delivery



Research of relevant directives and standards

Machine directive


Development of generally valid “transport instructions”

Transport instructions

Printed for device

  • Standardized for all device types

  • 1 page per language

  • All legal and safety information as well as description of the activities for the transport life cycle phase

  • Delivery as a printed, multilingual document (relevant languages) on the device packaging or accompanying documents


Development of a generally valid “excerpt from the original operating manual”

Excerpt from an original operating manual

Printed for device

  • Standardized for all device types

  • 4 pages per language

  • All legal and safety-related instructions

  • Explanation of the life cycle phases with the activities and qualifications of the operating or specialist personnel required for this purpose

  • Delivery as a printed, multilingual document (relevant languages) with the devices


Calling up the operating instructions via easybrowse

Product Compliance - professionelle Begleitung beim Markteintritt Ihrer Produkte (ce-support))
  • Intuitive information and publishing platform

  • Customized and targeted access

  • Extensive search and filter features

  • Contents are available in online or offline form

  • Consideration of user behavior, from creation of favorites all the way to feedback options

  • Via browser or app

Of course, the use of an existing portal is also possible.


Evaluation of the process in a risk assessment

Evaluation of the process in a risk assessment (German)

The risk assessment serves as evidence regarding the assessment of risks arising from the implementation of the “Digital Only Concept”.

Excerpt from the risk assessment:


With regard to the requirements from relevant directives and standards as well as the user requirements, this risk assessment documents a procedure for the corresponding fulfillment of the same.

This fulfillment optimizes the publication of technical documentation beyond the requirements pursuant to product accompanying documentation and, in this particular case, the operating manual in digital form.

Depending on the life cycle phase, information containing safety and target group related content is available in a form relevant to the target group.

In addition, the process optimizes the provision of technical documentation in both an economic and a significant ecological sense.”

By the way, the "Digital Only Concept" by gds is excellent in the literal sense, too and won the Digital.Pilot23 in the category "Digital business processes", awarded by the gfw – Society for Economic Development in the District of Warendorf.

The Digital.Pilot23

Webinars, Seminars and workshops

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