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»Synergies form the basis for successful cooperations from which you as a customer always benefit.«

Kirsten Kleine-Dingwerth | Customer Advisor
Diana Saakian | Project and Process Coordinator


Miramo is Datazone’s high-end typesetting system, integrated in XR as the standard PDF generator.

Some Miramo features

  • Available both as a desktop system and a server system
  • Cost-effective introduction with the desktop system
  • Interactive style and layout designer
  • Output formats: PDF and (optional) FrameMaker
  • XML interface
  • (optional) parallelization and queuing of typesetting orders possible

Your benefits

Miramo’s internal document model corresponds with that of FrameMaker. This facilitates the simple and fast creation and modification of typesetting applications.

Miramo achieves a considerably higher page throughput than FrameMaker. With Miramo, you can generate publications at a speed of several thousand pages per hour. If the created documents require editing, you can also create a FrameMaker document that you can subsequently edit in FrameMaker.


  • mmComposer: PDF Generator

  • fmComposer: FrameMaker Generator

  • MiramoDesigner: Layout and Style Designer

  • mmServer: Job Queuing and Parallelization

Available Editions

  • Miramo Personal Edition (MPE; for training and individuals): comprises mmComposer and MiramoDesigner; 1-job maximum

  • Miramo Desktop Edition (MDE): comprises mmComposer and PageDesigner. Variants: MDE-1: 1-job maximum (should a further job be started while the first one is being executed, then the new job will be canceled), MDE-2: Maximum of 2 simultaneous jobs.

  • Miramo Server Edition (MSV): comprises mmComposer and PageDesigner. Variants: MSV-1: 1-job maximum (should a further job be started while the first one is being executed, then the new job will be canceled), MSV-2: Maximum of 2 simultaneous jobs

  • Miramo Enterprise Edition (MEN) comprises: mmComposer, fmComposer, mmServer, PageDesigner. Variants: MEN-1 (1-job maximum), MEN-2 (2-job maximum), MEN-8 (8-job maximum). All jobs are queued. No job is canceled.


XML and SGML documents can be easily created and edited with XMetal, the popular JustSystems editor.

Your benefits

Thanks to its modern architecture and efficient programming interface, XMetal is quickly configured and integrated into any system or workflow. The editor supports standards such as DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) and is easily adapted to the most varied of user requirements.

As the world’s largest XMetal reseller, we offer training sessions and we will be happy to provide advisory and configuration support during the introduction of the tool.

If you have questions regarding XMetal prices and its licensing model, please contact us.


The AntennaHouse XSL Formatter is a fully automated typesetting system for XML documents. XML documents are transformed and formatted into XSL Formatting Objects (XSL-FO) and then output as PDF or print files. The AntennaHouse XSL Formatter is available as a desktop and server license. As a partner of AntennaHouse, gds is able to offer these licenses and possible upgrades (MathML support, etc.) directly.

Your benefits

  • More than 50 supported languages
  • W3C conformity
  • Significantly high performance
  • Supports Pantone color system
  • Vector support for EMF and WMF files, as well as new output options (Native Drawing with MathML, WordML transformation, XSL Report Designer Integration, SVG Output with the SVG Output Option and Web Service Interface for accessing XSL Formatter via the Internet)
Please contact us for additional information regarding license types and prices.

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