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XR Content Management System


Your XML content management system for technical documentation

With useful features, XRg assists you in doing your job so that you can focus on the essential task of drafting content.

This is in line with our credo: from practice for practical uses.

Working with ease


In the context-based user interface, there is a selection of views to choose from for drawing up content, ranging from WYSIWYG to pure XML data.

The desired features possible within the current context and authorized for a given user are enabled by the internal editor, XMAX. Hence content can be created and edited directly in XR. The integrated authordesk author support system helps you adhere to your company’s terminology.

Or else simply continue using the XML editor you are familiar with such as XMetaL, Framemaker or Oxygen.

XR/engineering - Authoring
XR/engineering - Translation management

One document, several languages – no problem with XR

Translation management

As a translation service provider, we know the potential pitfalls you could face. XR helps you to avoid these with features that help ensure that your translation process is as efficient as possible, making your life easier.

  • Clear overview of translated/not translated content
  • Interface to all translation memory systems such as Trados
  • Export as a standard COTI package
  • Terminology maintenance via TBX or Excel

Even documents in complex languages such as Arabic or Japanese can be created and managed in XR.

In XR, multilingual documents are created at the push of a button. You create the document and then select the required languages to be published. XR takes care of the rest.


Multi-channel publishing

The big advantage of XML content management systems is the strict separation of layout, content and structure. This offers flexibility in terms of the output of different file formats.

With the push of a button, output various file formats such as PDF, HTML5, iiRDS or MS Word documents that are in line with your corporate design. Should you ever need an additional layout, you can create it with just a few clicks.

And that’s not all. XR offers an integrated link to the Content Delivery Portal, easybrowse, so that content can be distributed that is specific to the target audience when content is available not only as a PDF file.

XR/engineering - Multi channel publishing
XR/engineering -- Variants

manage a wide variety of product variants at the touch of a button


Using the powerful variant management tool in XR allows you to manage a wide variety of product variants at the touch of a button.

The reuse of content frees you from having to go through all of the data you hold and make revisions. Simply revise the content in one place and all the documents where this content is used will be automatically updated.

The technical data of your products is saved as a variable and can be updated specifically for each product.

For maximum flexibility, you should specify the applicability of your documents. Using maximum content compilation and filters, you can then publish the desired document variant or extract single documents.

manage any type of media data in your content management system

Media management

Apart from text, documentation can also include images, animated artwork, PDFs and other file formats. These file formats can be managed directly in XR.

Adding metadata enables you to always keep track of even thousands of files. Easily, quickly and efficiently.

XR/engineering - Media management

»XR is an XML content management system that you can use even without XML knowledge – simple, intuitive and smart.«

Tobias Kreimann | Product Manager ECMS
Tobias Kreimann | Product Manager ECMS


XR/aviation is the solution for the aviation industry

Central prerequisites for this segment include compliance with the highest regulatory requirements and safety standards. This is exactly what XR/aviation delivers. The focus is on the creation of operations manuals, including the tagging of variant information that enables aircraft-specific use of information by cockpit and cabin crew members.

XR/aviation by gds

An additional elementary function is the calculation and display of reasons for revisions. Regulatory authorities can reliably trace the revisions, which accelerates the review and approval of documents. The information structure is based on a DTD, optimized for the requirements of airline companies. Information from manufacturers can be included and used in the manufacturers’ file formats (PDF, XML).

XR/aviation supports the approval process by automatically generating transmittal letters and change descriptions for submission to approval bodies. The additionally integrated Compliance Assistant supports you in recording and reviewing EASA regulatory content.

XR/aviation is available as a basic version you can use immediately after just a few process-specific configuration steps.


It is a mistake that content mangement systems are only worthwhile for large companies. Investing in an content mangement system can save a lot of time, money and nerves, even for smaller companies.

No matter how large your company is, we offer you the ideal entry into modular, professional documentation creation.

With XR/engineering complete, for example, we offer a solution for smaller companies with the same range of functions as XR/engineering. So you can grow with our professional and market-proven standard tools - without restrictions, without compromises.

Talk to us!

Author support in XR – 

Minimize comprehension errors and translation costs in technical documentation. Standard sentences and defined terms are automatically suggested by the system while you write.

authordesk can be run as an independent system or fully integrated into the XR and docuglobe editorial systems.

Your Benefits in a nutshell

  • Your documents consist of uniform terminology and syntax.
  • You minimize your translation costs.
  • The fuzzy search allows you to find terms and sentences despite spelling mistakes.

Increased quality through standardization

In technical writing it often occurs that numerous source-language text variants are produced for one and the same set of facts, which are then translated into numerous languages. This is clarified by an example

  • Switch on device at main switch.

  • Switch on the device at the main switch.

  • Switch on the device via the main switch.

  • Switch on the device with the main switch.

One could continue this example as long as one wished. With authordesk, you have the opportunity to significantly increase your efficiency in text creation. The standardization of contents results in a uniform style and in documents that are “cut from the same mold”.

While you write, authordesk suggests entire sentences or individual terms that you can adopt into your document with a simple click of the mouse. You increase the reuse of sentences and therefore the quality of your texts, since non-valid sentences or terms are also shown and can simply be replaced. The suggestions can be shown to the author in real-time or alternatively, the entire document can be checked via a batch process.

You have questions about AUTHORDESK?

Webinars, seminars and workshops

You want to learn more about this topic? Take advantage of our free webinars as of our seminars and workshops on this topic: 


The 60-minute webinars are free of charge. Please register at least 15 minutes beforehand.

Our tip: 
If you don't have time for the webinar - just register anyway. You will receive a recording of the webinar after the event.

Please note that our webinars are held in German. 


Seminars and workshops

You can choose from a variety of seminar topics and workshops related to the content management system XR as well as to our other systems and services.

Of course, we also offer individual content tailored specifically to your needs - feel free to contact us for advice.

Please note that our seminars are currently only available in German.

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Content Delivery

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Minimize misunderstandings and translation costs for your technial documentation. The system automatically suggests standard sentences and specified terms during editing.

Digital Only Concept

Prepare risk assesssments or operating manuals on your own and in comformity with relevant guidelines and standards - easily, quickly and in compliance with legal regulations.

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