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“Applying standards throughout the entire company with authordesk.“

Jan Grüter | Product Manager Content Delivery

authordesk – Authors Support, controlled language and Terminology all in one

Different ways of saying the same thing – at the word level we are talking about synonyms. But certainly more often there are entire sentences with a different structure that mean the same thing.

Your benefits

  • Your documents consist of uniform terminology and syntax.
  • You minimize your translation costs.
  • The fuzzy search allows you to find terms and sentences despite spelling mistakes.

Increased quality through standardization

In technical writing it often occurs that numerous source-language text variants are produced for one and the same set of facts, which are then translated into numerous languages. This is clarified by an example:
  • Switch on device at main switch.n
  • Switch on the device at the main switch.
  • Switch on the device via the main switch.
  • Switch on the device with the main switch.

One could continue this example as long as one wished. With authordesk, you have the opportunity to significantly increase your efficiency in text creation. The standardization of contents results in a uniform style and in documents that are “cut from the same mold”.

While you write, authordesk suggests entire sentences or individual terms that you can adopt into your document with a simple click of the mouse. You increase the reuse of sentences and therefore the quality of your texts, since non-valid sentences or terms are also shown and can simply be replaced. The suggestions can be shown to the author in real-time or alternatively, the entire document can be checked via a batch process.

authordesk can be run as an independent system or fully integrated into the docuglobe and xr editorial systems.

Fuzzy search

authordesk finds content regardless of spelling, typing or hyphenation errors. Furthermore, context-related terms are also easily found.

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