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Consistent terminology helps to increase your company’s recognition value and to strengthen your competitiveness; it underpins the image of the company and leads to a uniform company presentation. This applies to both your source and target texts.

Benefit from our long years of experience in terminology management, be it in the user or development segment. Our terminology experts can apply their knowledge and technology software for your support.

  • Advice for the creation of a terminology workflow
  • Support in the creation of glossaries
  • Process optimization
  • Translation and localization of your terms
  • Software advice
  • Compilation and maintenance of a terminology database
  • Synchronization of your glossaries with our term bases or synchronization of authordesk with our term bases.

Your benefits

  • Flawed deliveries and therefore expensive proofreading upon completion of the translation project can be avoided
  • The translation project can be checked for terminological consistency at the push of a button
  • Complex searching for terminology becomes obsolete
  • Reduced costs due to less research and terminology maintenance while delivery times are shortened thanks to fewer queries and corrections
  • Your employees have access to company-specific knowledge
  • Your external documentation and communication become clearer, more comprehensive and increase in quality
  • Search engines will find your company faster
  • Legally compliant terms in contracts and legal provisions

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