Some compelling facts

Certified, linguistically expert, and socially competent interpreters for more than 200 languages are available to support you during your events and meetings.

Intense preparation for every assignment lies at the heart of the interpreting profession. For each assignment, our interpreters prepare for the topic and the associated terminology with the aid of suitable documents and work materials.

Interpreters are not only responsible for conveying communication between different languages, but also between different cultures and customs. For interpreters, this means knowing the country and its people as well as being familiar with the cultural background of the country of their working language. They must therefore not only be capable of interpreting the spoken sentence but rendering its meaning in the target language.

Your benefits

The right interpreter for every event:

Liaison interpreting (consecutive)

For your business negotiations, training sessions, seminars, festivities or diplomatic events.

  • No need for expensive conference technology and interpreting equipmenth
  • Only 1 interpreter per language

Simultaneous interpreting (whispered or conference interpreting)

Active support for your conventions, conferences or interactive seminars.
The use of conference technology ensures the dynamic transmission of language and no limitation whatsoever for conference participants.

  • No delays in language transmission
  • Enables the active involvement of all participants and lively discussion without linguistic problems
  • Interpreter teams will alternate every 30-40 minutes without disrupting the proceedings to ensure consistently high quality and a high degree of concentration.
  • Organization and set-up of conference technology

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