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More information and faster turnaround: XR/engineering Hadria from gds offers numerous optimizations for the translation sector

  • New release of XR/engineering now available
  • Extended context bar
  • Simplified workflows and a particularly clear structure

    Sassenberg, December 6, 2022 – Meta data display and editing functions, clear overviews concerning pending translation jobs, and partial imports: With the new release of the XML-based editorial management system XR/engineering, gds GmbH puts the translation sector in the spotlight. The Center for Technical Communication and Information Management particularly focuses on optimizations providing a clearer instant overview.

    “In terms of the current release, the translation sector was our main focus,” says Tobias Kreimann, Product Manager ECMS (Enterprise Content Management System) of gds GmbH. With this in mind, it was crucial for the optimizations to fulfill the requirements of the users and to ensure an even greater level of comfort when working with the editorial management system. “New features such as the overview page for all translation jobs as well as numerous adaptations of the context bar help us to provide the technical writers with more information and everything else that they may need for even faster and more efficient workflows.”  

    A particular highlight of Hadria deals with changes to modules or fragments. In the past, even small corrections, e.g. of a misplaced or missing comma, caused the associated translations to be automatically erased. This was necessary in order to guarantee the correct structure of a technical document in all languages. When a piece of text is reviewed and amended, the changes must be reflected in the corresponding translations. However, the correction of spelling mistakes or the addition of a missing comma in a German module does not affect the other language versions at all. In these cases, Hadria provides technical writers with the option to decide whether a translation needs to be reinitiated or simply edited. Even when copying or versioning, existing translations remain in the system. 

    Tobias Kreimann, Product Manager ECMS (Enterprise Content Management System), gds GmbH

    Tobias Kreimann, Product Manager ECMS (Enterprise Content Management System), gds GmbH

    Partial imports for efficient translation management

    Another innovation offering great value when using XR/engineering on a daily basis applies to the import of several translations. If individual modules, media, or fragments are damaged, this will no longer prevent the import. Instead, a partial import of the intact data will be performed. The editor receives a message about the problematic files and can forward this information to the translator while the majority of the data is already usable.

    Improvements have also been made elsewhere: “Users kept telling us how much they would appreciate an overview page showing all of the translation jobs that are currently present in the system,” explains Kreimann. This led to a new overview page from where the user can navigate the individual documents. If a document requires more changes, the old jobs can be deleted. “This new page provides editors with a better overview of all of the translation jobs and that clearly improves the workflow throughout the company—including across borders.

    Extended context bar for bundled information

    In addition to the translation sector, it is the context bar that now provides information in a bundled form. This is ensured by the indication of properties, processes, and meta data, which can be edited on site. Moreover, editors can omit the translation aspect when they need to check the language versions of any given module. This information is readily available at first glance.

    Hadria improves the flow of information in technical editorial offices, thereby ensuring particularly efficient and fast processes. This is supported by numerous innovations and optimizations, from a higher performance and improved connection to the Authoring Memory System by Congree up to a revised user interface and new search functions.

    Screenshot XR: Editor with opened context bar

    Screenshot XR: Editor with opened context bar

    Overview page Translations, details

    Overview page Translations, details

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