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Sustainability through a "Digital Only Concept": technotrans introduces easybrowse by gds

  • Sustainability through digital transformation
  • Annual savings of 1.3 million sheets of printed paper
  • Process automation with easybrowse

Easy access, higher flexibility and reduced use of resources: technotrans SE has recently started using the easybrowse content delivery portal by gds GmbH, a subsidiary of the technotrans group, for the provision of technical documentation. As a result, the specialist for thermal management solutions can almost completely eliminate its printed documentation. The company implements its "Digital Only Concept" in accordance with the Future Ready 2025 strategy. Over the next few months, easybrowse will be introduced successively at all other companies of the technotrans group.

"The introduction of the easybrowse content delivery portal is an important milestone for the implementation of our Future Ready 2025 strategy," says Michael Finger, spokesman of the board of technotrans SE. The aim of the transformation initiative is to create streamlined and highly sustainable digital business processes. "easybrowse enables us to considerably reduce our use of resources and to increase the flexibility of our processes." As a result, technotrans minimises its carbon footprint in terms of technical documentation while at the same time becoming more digitalised.

After the start of the project in early 2021, technotrans recently completed the roll-out of easybrowse at its head office. The company is now successively converting the technical documentation process in its subsidiaries, starting with the Bad Doberan site, which has supported the project from the very beginning. 

Accessing information via QR codes on the devices

Device-specific information will be provided via standardised QR codes which are affixed to the devices before they are dispatched. When the users scan these codes, they are led to a sub-page of the technotrans website. This is where the material numbers of the devices, which can be found on the type plate, must be entered. Then, all of the relevant information concerning the specific device will be provided. Customers using several technotrans devices can comfortably access all the relevant technical documentation via a personalised account. The transfer of the data from the SAP system of technotrans to the easybrowse system is executed automatically in the background.

For technotrans, the gds solution and the implementation of the "Digital Only Concept" offer numerous advantages: The company can considerably reduce its use of valuable resources as well as its printing costs. Over the course of one year, this means 25,000 fewer manuals and 1.3 million fewer sheets of printed paper. Another advantage: Shipping bottlenecks will be significantly mitigated, as the products can be packed and dispatched without delay. Indeed, technotrans is already manufacturing its products in an increasingly modular way. Depending on the availability of the necessary resources, this can also be done well before the agreed delivery date. Previously, technotrans factored in a certain waiting period for the completion of the technical documentation and all the necessary translations before the products could be packed and stored.

This is no longer necessary. Every shipment includes an excerpt of the operating instructions with the relevant safety instructions and instructions for accessing the content delivery portal. This excerpt is standardised for all of the devices and complies with the legal requirements. It is accompanied by equally standardised shipping documents.

technotrans hardly uses any paper at all

Jan Grüter, Product Manager Content Delivery of gds GmbH, explains the advantages of this system: "The quick and easy provision of all the information concerning the start-up, maintenance and operation of a device is extremely important for the users." From now on, all of the technotrans operating instructions will be available via the easybrowse content delivery portal over the entire life cycle of the devices.

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Michael Finger, Sprecher des Vorstands der technotrans SE

Michael Finger, Spokesman of the Board of Directors of technotrans SE

Jan Grüter, Product Manager Content Delivery of gds GmbH

Jan Grüter, Product Manager Content Delivery of gds GmbH

Consistent digitalisation: Over the course of one year, this means 25,000 fewer manuals and 1.3 million fewer sheets of printed paper.

Consistent digitalisation: Over the course of one year, this means 25,000 fewer manuals and 1.3 million fewer sheets of printed paper.

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