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This was gdslive 2023:

A reviews in pictures
May, 24th 2023 Conference Center Düsseldorf

It was a great event in Düsseldorf!

We would like to thank everyone who attended: the numerous guests, the speakers, the colleagues and everyone else who contributed to the success.

The Agenda of gdslive 2023
  • Audience gdslive 23
  • Keynote Reusch gdslive 23
  • Wiedenmaier gdslive 23
  • Frede and Paul gdslive 23
  • Dietrich and Grueter gdslive 23
  • Lunch gdslive 23
  • Bart gdslive 23
  • Bradenbrink gdslive 23
  • Baumann and Yildirir gdslive 23
  • Seitz gdslive 23
  • gds-Team gdslive 23

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