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Content Delivery

Anne Kudla | Sales Manager XML Technologies

„Targeted information anytime, anywhere: that's efficiency in its purest form with easybrowse.“

Anne Kudla | Sales Manager XML Technologies

What is 'Content Delivery'?

Content delivery is a topic spanning a number of different industries. Content accompanies every product through its entire life cycle – from conception to disposal. Content affects all departments of a company: development, production, marketing, sales and service.

easybrowse offers a comprehensive solution for the management and distribution of electronic and mobile documentation – regardless of whether you are using information online or offline, on a PC or a tablet. Data is distributed simply, quickly and precisely; everybody receives only the information they require. Application areas range from straightforward electronic manuals to electronic catalog systems combined with shopping options all the way up to technical service portals.

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Your benefits

  • You receive a powerful solution for online and offline use.
  • Identical presentation via various output channels.
  • The integrated PDF Viewer resolves any problems with local PDF viewers.
  • Data encryption ensures high security of data.
  • Powerful user and rights management allows you to protect and accurately distribute your information.
  • Diverse search and filter options ensure that you can find relevant information quickly.
  • You can create your own paths through the information with notes and bookmarks.
  • You are offered a wide variety of options of how to present content (e.g., scrollable tables, footnotes).
  • Incremental updates enable you to redistribute only the changed information.
  • The GUI can be adapted to your preferences and requirements.
  • Straightforward integration of external file formats (PDF, MP4, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • Direct links to docuglobe and XR editorial systems.


  • Scalability – create any number of electronic publications, even from extensive databases.
  • Flexibility – due to the fact that a wide range of source file formats is supported (SGML, XML, PDF, Office, graphics and videos), you can bundle any information using one interface.
  • High functionality – full-text search option as well as any number of keyword indeces facilitate simple, quick and reliable access to required information.
  • Personalization – bookmarks and notes allow you to better explore the publication.
  • Filtering of variants – efficient filtering mechanisms are the basis for a dynamic publication process that corresponds to a given configuration status of a machine or a system, for example.
  • Currency – incremental updates ensure that your documents are current.
  • Security – controlled access to information in the database structure through the assignment of rights and roles.
  • Industrialized workflows – transparent workflows ensure a high degree of automation of the production process, therefore maintaining the high quality of the publications.
  • gds is founding member of the iiRDS Consortium

easybrowse Products

easybrowse CDP (Content Delivery Portal)

easybrowse CDP is the comprehensive content delivery solution for technical documentation.


  • Administration of users, groups, rights - directly in the system or by linking to Active Directory Services.
  • Administration of documents and topics.
  • Collections feature - Compose documents for offline us.
  • Interface for connection to XML content management systems - not only to our own, but also to third-party systems.
  • Stop searching, start finding: Comprehensive search and filter options.
  • Use of information on all channels: Online, Offline on PCs and Tablets.
  • Variety, versatility: Are you still using Word or PDF? Do you want to move from document-centered to topic-oriented information incrementally? No problem with EasyBrowse. We support any XML structures, but also PDF, Office formats, videos etc.
  • Service Information System (SIS): Integrate spare parts catalogs (EasyBrowse Catalog) with repair and maintenance instructions - online or offline.

How does it work?

  • For XR and docuglobe, easybrowse CDP is available as an extension of the standard publication route.
  • Do you have any further requirements? Then contact us. With the easybrowse Framework we are certainly and comprehensively able to meet your requirements.

easybrowse Documents

easybrowse Documents is the 'One Stop Shop' for flexible, electronic, offline documentation for, e.g.:

  • Machine and system documentation
  • Servicing documents
  • Manuals
  • Marketing materials
  • Sales documents
  • Training materials

Supported file formats include: PDF, HTML, MS Office formats, graphic and video file formats. 

It can be this easy:

  • Put your documents in the file system (Windows) folder.
  • Use easybrowse Documents to change sequences and filenames in the table of contents.
  • Define metadata and assign these to documents. In this way, they can be found faster.
  • Select a layout and adapt it.
  • Publish your collection of documents and distribute these using Windows Viewer.

Your benefits:

  • You can create powerful electronic publications yourself quickly and without programming - all important functions such as table of contents, full-text search, metadata search, bookmarks etc. are already included.
  • With the integrated viewer, you can distribute these publications free of charge and to any desired extent.
  • Thanks to the integrated full-text and metadata search for all documents and many document formats, your users can quickly find the relevant information.

Optional upgrade:

  • Protect your collection of data with a password.
  • Assign access rights for the collection.
  • Publish content on the internet/intranet.
  • Publish XML-based content.
  • Make your publications updateable.

easybrowse Catalogue

easybrowse Cataloque

is the system for publishing and for online and offline use of catalogs. It requires your spare parts relevant data to be available as structured content (e. g., in SAP).

Parts information can be linked to maintenance and servicing information, so that it is possible to navigate from a given maintenance instruction directly to the required part in the spare parts catalog (and vice versa).


  • Use the metadata search OPTION to easily search for parts or descriptions.
    Filter by variants, configurations, serial numbers, etc. to see only the relevant information.
  • From hotspots in your graphics you can jump directly to the spare part - and vice versa.
  • Individual parts or groups of parts
  • You can define not only individual parts but also related parts groups, which you can then place in the shopping cart either individually or as a whole.
  • You can administrate any number of shopping carts.
  • Send your shopping baskets comfortably by E-mail.

easybrowse for docuglobe and easybrowse for XR/engineering

easybrowse for docuglobe and XR/engineering are standard publication routes for the editorial systems of the gds Group. These publication routes have been adapted to the information and document structures of both editorial systems. A minimum configuration effort is required for operation (company’s name, logo, metadata, etc.).


  • Publish documents or projects directly from the editing system.
  • You can publish them in one or several languages.
  • Define which metadata you want to make available to your users for filtering - you can freely configure up to 10 metadata.
  • Create offline publications and distribute them with integrated Windows Viewer.
  • Distribute the offline publications (Windows) with integrated Viewer to any number of users - without additional licensing costs.


  • Extend your publication path to easybrowse CDP, including the associated additional functions such as user and rights management, online and offline publication.

easybrowse Defence

easybrowse Defence has been specifically developed for electronic publications based on the S1000D specification.


  • easybrowse Defence supports publications that are available as IETP-X files or publication modules.
  • Offline publications do not require installation. They are run directly from the CD/DVD or thumb drive.
  • All data are encrypted in databases and thus protected from unauthorized access.
  • The dynamic filtering of publications based on the properties of the <applic> element enables the user to create configuration-specific publications virtually at the push of a button.


Content Delivery Hands on - a small software with a big impact!

You still have a long way to go for Content Delivery? Do you want to easily deliver your documents and data (HTML, word processing documents such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF documents, but also videos, graphics and even software packages) to your customers or service staff?

Take the first step with EB.Now! Improve and clarify the availability of your machine and plant documentation, service documents, manuals, standards, marketing and sales documents.

Increase your work efficiency with:

  • A content tree and simple navigation elements
  • Multi-lingual capability: Toggling the application language and document languages
  • Full-text search across the entire content and all data formats
  • Notes, bookmarks, window division

With just a few mouse clicks and no programming sills, you can access a professional solution with high utility value for your company and your customers - totally without administrator rights.

And it's that simple:

  1. Organize your documents and data in a directory in Windows Explorer.
  2. Copy the EBnow. exe file into your directory and start the program.
  3. Configure layout, language, title, logo, password protection.

Publish your data on CD/DVD or via USB stick.
Your publications can be run from these media without installation!

Interested in a free trial version of the EB. Now! full version? Please contact us!

You have questions about Content Delivery?

Webinars, seminars and workshops

You want to learn more about this topic? Take advantage of our free webinars as of our seminars and workshops on this topic: 


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seminars and workshops

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Please note that due to the current situation only online training courses are available. Various platforms such as Teams, Skype for Business, Teamviewer, GoToWebinar or GoToMeeting are provided for this purpose.

Depending on the requirements, the training courses can also be planned at short notice - please do not hesitate to contact us!

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