New iiRDS Consortium replaces the Information 4.0 working group | iiRDS is to standardize the presentation of information in technical communication | Meta data as the key to success

A pioneer right from the start: The gds group is one of the 24 founding members of the new iiRDS Consortium of the Gesellschaft für Technische Kommunikation (tekom). At the beginning of the year, the committee replaced the "Information 4.0" working group in its work on the Intelligent Information Request and Deliver Standard (iiRDS). iiRDS will in future display information contextually and independently of the choice of end device. 

"As a provider of editorial systems and full-service providers for technical documentation, we are naturally very interested in establishing a standard for intelligent information", explains Henning Mallok, Sales Manager of gds. The aim of the new iiRDS is to generate added value for users along the entire process chain. The standard should therefore enable the optimized display of information for different user roles such as technical editor, service staff or even end users. In addition, the choice of the terminal device used should not impair the presentation of the information. "We expect iiRDS to significantly increase efficiency for our customers in all areas of technical communication." 

The newly founded consortium is currently commencing its activities and, in a first step, selecting working groups, who will deal with the implementation of the standard on a technical level. However, the basic principle of the iiRDS has already been established: Information is bundled in containers, which in turn are provided with metadata in order to declare further information such as associated user roles and chapters within an overall document. 

In addition to the gds group, the founding members include other editorial system providers and global software providers such as Adobe. Further information about the Consortium and a registration form for new members can be found at

Henning Mallok (sales director and authorized representative of the gds-group, CEO gds-Sprachenwelt GmbH)

Henning Mallok (sales director and authorized representative of the gds-group, CEO gds-Sprachenwelt GmbH)

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