ARC desk is a web application that supports two central processes in your documentation cycle:

  • Change requests
  • Approval processes
ARC-Desk - clear processes - improved documentation

Creation and management of change requests

Start by uploading a manual to the portal. Users can then attach change requests as comments to any paragraph, image, graphic image, chapter, etc. Graphics or longer texts are added to the change object as attachments. Change requests can be discussed between authorized parties and ultimately approved or declined. The complete discussion history is permanently stored and retrievable at any stage.

Review and approval of documents by internal and external reviewers

You then republish the manual revised on the basis of the change requests on ARC desk. Changed chapters or sections are clearly marked, as are the implemented changes. Depending on authorization, reviewers can add additional comments, approve or reject the changed chapters or sections.

ARC-Desk at a glance

  • DITA support: Reviewing and approving of DITA-based publications
  • Simple, web-based configuration of rights, users and groups directly on the administration portal
  • Full text search through all or individual documents
  • Efficient, web-based HTML editor with configurable scope of features
  • Effective filtering by comment status simplifies finding and navigating through relevant comments
  • Increased security thanks to HTTPS connection

Your benefits

  • Put an end to change requests via telephone, eMail, paper, PDF or even door-to-door shouts. Replace them with a central, easy-to-use web-based component.
  • Central administration and permanent storage ensures complete traceability of all processes: who recommended which change and when, who accepted or rejected it and who went on to implement it in the documents?
  • Do away with approval processes via PDF or paper

  • Highly efficient: Find changed or revisable areas quickly and easily. Only the changed sections require approval. All others are merely displayed. Once all sections are approved, the entire manual is approved.
  • Traceability: The system permanently stores who has approved which sections (during which revision)

The ARC-Desk Principle

The ARC-Desk Principle