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Only a holistic approach will make your project a success

Systems, solutions and services serve to support corporate processes. Through its unique portfolio in the field of technical documentation, gds is familiar with all relevant processes and helps you to integrate your individual solution package in your company.

Utilize a specific and affordable overall process for your content life cycle from a single source – this is the only way to completely eliminate efficiency loss through interfaces.

To this end, the systems are embedded in supportive and expandable services.

The interaction between systems and services

The gds full service with all supportive and extendable services at a glance

Supportive services

  • Consultation services before introduction

  • Performance of information and documents analyses

  • Preparation of specifications and realization of individual process requirements

  • Advice and support during the introductory phase could include

    • Standardized training sessions
    • Individual training sessions
    • Modularization and structuring concepts
    • Editorial support during the first steps
    • System filling

  • Support for all process areas

Extendable services

  • Continuous editorial support or support during peak loads
  • Terminology work
  • Support during the entire CE process
  • Preparation of risk assessments
  • Realization of efficiency increase through multiple use of information and processes in: Customer Services, Sales, Marketing, Design, Development, Standardization (factory standards), etc.


We are at your service whenever you need us. A special support area is available on the gds customer portal for any questions regarding our products, their configuration, publication modifications, etc. Or simply give us a call or send us an email:

Whenever possible, we can give technical support via remote tools (remote session via TeamViewer) directly on your system. This saves time and money.

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