High-performance translation services for a good cause – gds Sprachenwelt supporting Unified World Cup in Chicago

Voluntary translation services for participants to the Unified World Cup | Translation services play an important role for the international circle of participants | This event supports the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities

Sassenberg / Chicago, April 25, 2018 – Unified for a good cause. gds Sprachenwelt GmbH, a subsidiary of gds Group, which is specialized in providing technical documentation services, has volunteered, as a translation service provider, to support the international playing field of participants of the Unified World Cup taking place in Chicago, Illinois. The charitable soccer tournament is taking place from July 17 to 21 within the scope of the 50th anniversary of the paralympic games in Illinois. The event aims to call attention to and promote the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities.

“As a company, we are aware of the fact that we are part of a social entity. Just like any other company, gds Sprachenwelt could not successfully work together and be productive without social involvement,” says Michaela Gorisch, managing director of gds Sprachenwelt. “For this reason, it is all the more important to us to give something back and to volunteer our expertise for a good cause.”

The soccer tournament in the state of Illinois is based on the cooperation between the Chicago Fire Soccer Club and Special Olympics Illinois, with athletes from around the globe, with and without intellectual disabilities, participating in the event. The translation of medical questionnaires and registration forms into German for the participants and the coaches is indispensable due to the international scale of the event. gds Sprachenwelt has volunteered to provide this service reliably, quickly and without charge.

“The level at which these athletes are capable of performing is amazing. We are happy to be able to support this cause and to contribute to their inclusion,” says Michaela Gorisch. Erik Hogreve, the athletic coordinator of the event, was also very pleased and praised the work of gds Sprachenwelt: “In the field of athletics, the quality and speed at which these services were provided are called high-performance sports.”

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Michaela Gorisch, Managing Director of gds Sprachenwelt GmbH

Michaela Gorisch, Managing Director of gds Sprachenwelt GmbH

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    On 16.06.2018 Michaela Gorisch and some members of the Palm Strikers were guests at the radio station RFM and gave an interview about the Unified World Cup and their commitment around the event.

    Listen to an excerpt from the conversation here:

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