Editorial Management Systems and More: gds Group to Showcase Comprehensive Portfolio at Annual tekom Conference (english only)

XR/engineering , the new, XML-based editorial management system for mechanical and systems engineering | docuglobe editorial management system with new features added and a Content Delivery Standard | Comprehensive service and consulting portfolio, including translation services and support services for CE marking processes

“Simply. Everything. Better.” is the new motto of gds Group under which it presents the corporate family and its comprehensive portfolio of solutions at this year’s annual tekom conference in Stuttgart. With XR/engineering developed by the gds Group’s subsidiary, Ovidius, gds Group will present the youngest member of the XR family, an XML-based editorial management system optimized for the sectors of mechanical and systems engineering. The new scope of added features of the docuglobe editorial management system will be presented, including a Content Delivery Standard as well as service and consulting offerings covering the specialized, technical translation services provided by gds Sprachenwelt and the support services for CE marking processes. A presentation on new and innovative training options in the use of editorial management systems, given by gds employees, Christian Paul and Anna-Lotte Wienstroer, will round out the exhibition.

“We are looking forward to presenting XR/engineering, the latest solution optimized for use in specific sectors developed by Ovidius to all visitors. This XML-based editorial management system is just as easy to use as MS Word and will set new benchmarks,“ explains Henning Mallok, head of sales at gds. The scope of added docuglobe features speaks for itself. Apart from the integration of a Content Delivery Standard, the preparation of risk assessments is now fully supported. “This is how we were able to further optimize docuglobe,” said Henning Mallok. As a consequence of an increasing share of exports in the manufacturing sector, the importance of specialized, technical translation services is growing. The challenge: Clear requirements for the design and quality of technical translations are laid down by various markets and legal environments. gds Sprachenwelt GmbH presents trends and tools relating to author support systems, terminology management systems and approaches to translation-appropriate writing. Owing to the increasing importance, the demand for CE marking support services is also growing, and so is the number of qualified consulting services offered by the corporate group.

Christian Paul and Anna-Lotte Wienstroer explore an entirely new method of learning how to use an editorial management system for their presentation “Editorial Management System Meets Gamification – Two Different Worlds or a New Training Program?” To this end, a study is presented that examines the success of learning processes using the so-called “gamification” approach, which is defined as the “process of adding games or game-like elements to a task to encourage participation”. Their findings are amazing when comparing the outcome with the success rate of learning by using an ordinary set of printed instructions.


Exhibition Stand: C2/B01. Presentation by  Christian Paul and Anna-Lotte Wienstroer: October 24, 8.45 a.m. to 9.30 a.m., room C6.2.

Henning Mallok, Sales Manager of gds GmbH and Managing Director of gds Sprachenwelt GmbH

Henning Mallok, Sales Manager of gds GmbH and Managing Director of gds Sprachenwelt GmbH

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