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Clear processes – improved documentation: say goodbye to paper notes and embrace a structured review cycle with ”reviewhub”

  • Web-based and process-assisted creation and management of change requests
  • Straightforward review and approval of documents by internal or external reviewers
  • Continuous traceability: save revisions and discussions
  • Link a host of sources
  • iiRDS support

Sassenberg, January 16, 2024 – With reviewhub, gds GmbH launches an innovative web-based application. This solution aims to significantly improve and simplify the review and approval process of all kinds of documents.

reviewhub is the key to a structured revision cycle. The web-based platform supports two central change management processes for documents. First of all, it facilitates creating and managing change requests within the context of the content. And in the second place, reviewhub helps ensure a straightforward document review and approval process by internal or external reviewers.

Change management made simple

You can seamlessly accommodate and manage change requests from various teams during the documentation drafting process with reviewhub. Users can post change requests anywhere in the document. Even supplementary information such as graphic images or videos can be attached to the relevant comment. Change requests can be discussed among authorized parties and ultimately approved or declined. The entire discussion history is permanently stored and retrievable at any stage. An overview of the change requests and various filters and search options further facilitate the review process.

Review and approval as easy as never before

Following revision, the documents are published again on reviewhub. All changes are clearly marked. Reviewers can add additional comments, weigh in and make decisions regarding the approved or declined sections according to their authorization levels, and ultimately give their approval.


reviewhub provides a modern and collaborative work environment. It enables a broad group of users to jointly work on a documentation, add comments, mark up sections, and upload attachments. Discussions can be held and decisions made – all in a structured and shared work environment.

reviewhub fully shows its advantages, particularly in conjunction with the XR content management system. Here, reviewers can view and integrate the gained findings, comments and discussions into the content management system – without requiring access to the content management system itself. Being compatible with the iiRDS exchange format and numerous additional file formats, other content management systems or native files can be used as sources.

Using reviewhub has companies reap the benefits in more than one way:

  • Bid farewell to time-consuming approval processes using PDFs or paper documents
  • Collaborative review and discussion in defined groups
  • Highly efficient: quickly find and approve revised sections
  • Continuous traceability: save approvals and revisions

Using reviewhub, the traditional challenges associated with document change management disappear. Companies can put their document revision and approval process on a solid footing, plus save time and money associated with costly correction loops.

Jan Grüter| Product Manager Content Delivery | gds GmbH
Jan Grüter, Product Manager Content Delivery
review and approval process with reviewhub

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