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Sassenberg, May 28, 2019 – Powerful and easy to use:  gds, the full-service provider for technical documentation, has now expanded its product world with the editorial solutions docuglobe complete and XR/engineering complete in cooperation with its subsidiary Ovidius. The new complete solutions serve to provide fast access to optimal technical documentation, even for small companies.  

“With docuglobe complete and XR/engineering complete, we are now enabling an even faster and simpler entry into our solution world,” says Thorbjörn Ringkamp, Head of Internal Sales at gds GmbH. The cost-optimized license models offer all essential components of the established editorial systems and facilitate the professional creation of documentation without any great training effort. “Manual and unsystematic editorial work is time-consuming and offers a high potential for errors. In contrast, docuglobe complete and XR/engineering complete support the efficient, secure and guideline-compliant creation of technical documentation.”

The editorial system docuglobe, complete with MS Word as editor, supports editors in the structured creation of documentation. docuglobe has been a market-proven standard tool for many years, helping to achieve more efficient and safer processes and reducing costs. The XML-based editorial system XR/engineering complete is a high-performance and yet easy to use solution for all sector specific requirements in machinery and systems engineering. This allows technical editors to classify content comprehensively and, for example, to automatically create maintenance tables and tool lists on the basis of the previously classified content. Special XML are not required.

Established editorial systems for agile and efficient work

docuglobe complete and XR/engineering complete offer all the basic functions of the established editorial systems docuglobe and XR/engineering. A template adapted to the company for a quick entry into practical editorial work is also included.

The new editorial solutions functionally cover all of the user’s core tasks and facilitate efficient work on a clear user interface. This enables newcomers to editorial systems to quickly understand the applications, use them directly and therefore achieve an immediate increase in efficiency. The editorial systems can be used in a variety of ways to structure and simplify work processes. This benefits companies both in the creation of technical documentation and in project documentation or in quality management, for example.

docuglobe complete and XR/engineering complete offer the option of booking additional clients at any time. For specific system extensions, users can easily upgrade to the respective server version of docuglobe or XR/engineering.

Thorbjörn Ringkamp, head of the internal sales department of gds GmbH

Thorbjörn Ringkamp, head of the internal sales department of gds GmbH

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