gds-/VMO-network rallye: The path was the goal

How much fun the gds-/VMO-network rallye was, can now be seen.
How? Of course on our YouTube Channel.

Once again many thanks to all involved! 

For Ulrich Pelster, Managing Director of gds GmbH, it was a matter of honour to take part in the rally himself

One of the drivers: Ulrich Pelster, Managing director of the gds GmbH

  • gds-/VMO network rally - you're ready to go
  • Tobias Kreimann and Timo Brinkmann, both gds, before the start of the gds/VMO grid rally
  • An obviously very popular car brand for the gds-/VMO network rally...
  • gds-/VMO_Netzwerkrallye: Frank Schulierz and Henning Mallok from gds are well equipped
  • The gds/VMO network rally - everything but average
  • gds and VMO - not only powerful engines for the economy
  • gds/VMO Rally: Pit Stop
  • A network rally also makes you hungry
  • gds-/VMO network rally - fascination also for two wheels ...
  • gds-/VMO_Rallye - Group picture: Say cheeese, please
  • gds-/VMO-Rallye: At the end the grill was the goal
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