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Sassenberg, April 04, 2019 – Quick and transparent document review and release: This is now possible with the new version of the ARC-Desk web solution from Ovidius GmbH in Berlin. The subsidiary of gds GmbH, a full-service provider for technical documentation, has now updated its web solution, which enables companies to structure and significantly accelerate change and release processes for documents in technical writing. ARC-Desk is available as an SaaS solution or as an On-Premise solution.

“Release processes in technical documentation are often tedious and prone to errors,” says Ovidius Managing Director Klaus Fenchel. Complex coordination processes between technical writers and experts from the specialist departments often result in several document versions. This could result in a high susceptibility to errors and a lack of transparency. “With ARC-Desk, we offer a process optimization solution that now works even faster.” In view of ever shorter time-to-market cycles, lean technical documentation is becoming more of a competitive factor for manufacturing companies. 

ARC-Desk is a document-based discussion portal. The review and release tool’s easy handling simplifies the work for all parties involved, which benefits not only technical editors but especially technical experts. Working with ARC-Desk requires no previous knowledge of an editorial system or XML. “When developing the new version, we focused on making ARC-Desk even more user-friendly,” says Fenchel. 

Discuss, comment, solve

ARC-Desk supports two central processes in the documentation cycle: change requirements and release processes. As the application is web-based, documents can be processed simultaneously by several authorized users. The tool, which is independent of an editorial system, can also be used by both internal and external experts to review and release content. Like in a ticket system, a solution can be agreed upon here and then released for implementation. This makes it easy to annotate, discuss, review and release documents, while keeping all participants up to date at all times.

The new version shortens the duration of a review process, makes it easier for users to comment on or insert change requests, and significantly accelerates release processes. The discussion history is also permanently stored, so that it can be retrieved and traced at any stage. To simplify the installation and operation of On-Premise solutions, ARC-Desk is delivered as a docker container.

ARC-Desk therefore contributes decisively to increasing efficiency in the creation of technical documentation.

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Klaus Fenchel about fast and transparent checking and releasing of documents with the WEB solution ARC-Desk of Ovidius GmbH

Klaus Fenchel, Managing Director of Ovidius GmbH

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