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System Requirements easybrowse

We would be happy to assume the operation of easybrowse for you. This way, you can fully focus on the content and start immediately.

easybrowse is based on microservices that run in Docker containers. We recommend running the containers in a Kubernetes cluster (https://kubernetes.io/de/). A minimum of 10 pods and 3 file shares are required for easybrowse. easybrowse can be scaled according to the extent and number of user queries by increasing the number of pods.

The system also needs a static IP address, a suitable domain, an SSL certificate and an SQL database (MS SQL 2016 or higher).

In the case of small-sized installations, easybrowse can also be operated on a traditional server based on Windows or Linux (Ubuntu) as an alternative. The server has to have a minimum of 16 GB RAM and 4 CPUs. The RAM space and the hard disk memory space can vary according to the size of the system.

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