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MetaMorphosis facilitates the transformation of SGML and XML structures, but is also able to process any other structures that can be depicted as trees, whereby it is completely irrelevant whether you are working with, for example, FrameMaker Interchange Format (MIF), database tables or Microsoft Rich Text Format (RTF) – Metamorphosis is fully flexible.

Your benefits

MetaMorphosis is modular: Its core components are MMDB for the binary representation of trees, and MMX, which interprets the MetaMorphosis transformation language used to apply MetaMorphosis scripts on MMDB objects.

It has a plug-in architecture for any input and output media. You can create plugins either as MetaMorphosis modules or in other programming languages.

An SDK with efficient APIs (.NET, C++, Java) facilitates the integration of MetaMorphosis in any processes and systems.


TreeVision simplifies your work with complex Document Type Definitions (DTDs). TreeVision can visualize both XML and SGML DTDs and reflects these in a tree structure.

TreeVision simplifies the development and maintenance of DTDs. Its comprehensive search and analysis options lets you find and remedy errors and inconsistencies quickly.

It simplifies the work of publication application developers.

TreeVision is not a DTD editor and is only able to depict and analyze DTDs.

Your benefits

  • Extensive search options help you to find elements and attributes, allowing you to navigate the DTDs quickly.
  • Important information is comprehensibly and graphically enhanced: for example, the number of attributes per element, direct and indirect recursion or undefined elements.
  • Image Maps allows you to easily and quickly create graphics for DTDs, subtrees or individual elements.


We are no longer developing TreeVision. You can order the program free of charge starting with version 1.5 (November 2009).

Please note that we do not guarantee the functionality of TreeVision, nor do we offer support.

info2App - for smartphones and tablets simplifies research for Technical Documentation

Instead of a notepad, camera, laptop etc., the technical writer only needs a smartphone or a tablet with info2App installed to do information research work. This allows the structured recording of photo, video, language or text information and the subsequent transfer into an editorial system. Apart from this area of application, it is also possible to, for example, carry out any kind of logging in a simple and structured manner.

A technical writer needs a wide range of information to write product documentation as an operating, servicing or user’s manual, for example. This information covers photos, video recordings, audio recordings (e.g. technical interview with a dictaphone) all the way to a large volume of written notes.

For structuring purposes, the app provides a multi-layer hierarchy all the way to a chapter structure in accordance with DIN EN 82079, which can of course be variably adapted. The individual research items will then be integrated into this structure and may contain the most varied of media.

Back at the workplace, the data will be transferred to the working environment. Thanks to the XML technology it is possible to transfer the structured data to the editorial system.